"In Morpheus Arms" (ltd 100)/"Odes To Our Brumal Kingdom" (ltd 200)/"Solemn Tears" (ltd 250): SOLD OUT


"Beyond The Autumn Leaves" (CD LSP-Company)/"The 17th Floor" (CD Trinity Records HK): SOLD OUT
"The Fall of Amen" (CD Shiver records): 10 euro (without P and P).

"Apostate" (mini CD): 5 euro (without P and P).


T-shirts: "The 17th Floor" (size L and XL)/Girlies: "We Are The New Age Nomads!" (size S and M): SOLD OUT

T-shirts: "Apostatic Black Metal" (size XL, L, M and S): 12 euro (without P and P).

Distros who are spreading our work:

BELGIUM AND HOLLAND:, Nepherex Records, Metalzone-stores, Deity Down Records.

GERMANY: Century Media Records, Fog of the Apocalypse, Schwarzdornn productions, Folter Records, Heavy Horses Records, Pestilence Records.

SWITSERLAND: Black Tower Productions.

FRANCE: Sound Spheric, Forgotten Wisdom, Legions of Death records, Foedus Aeternus.

SPAIN: Oniric-distro, Xtreem Music.

PORTUGAL: Guardians of Metal, Necrogoat Heresy productions.

ITALY: Abstraktsens Distro, Bylec Tum productions.

POLAND: Old Temple Records, Let them Come Productions.
CZECH REPUBLIC: Long Ago Records. Epidemie Records, Zero Budget Productions.

SLOWAKIA: Osiris productions.

RUSSIA: Wroth Emitter Records, RIP productions, Serpents Liar.

MACEDONIA: Darzamadics records.

GREECE: Sleazy Rider.

GREAT-BRITAIN: 7 Kingdoms.

IRELAND: Golden Lake Productions.

NORWAY: Apocalyptic Empire Records.

SWEDEN: Downfall Records.

ESTONIA: Hexenreich records.

CANADA: Suffering Jesus Productions, Sinister Sounds, Obskure Sombre Music, CDN, Mankind Demise records.

USA: The End records, Dark Symphonies, Regimental Records, Deus Mortuus Productions, Red Stream, Ars Magna, Deathgasm Records, Dragon's Breath, Flood the Earth, Wraith Productions.

MEXICO: Satanic records, American Line productions.

BRAZIL: Pazuzu Records.

ISRAEL: Totalrust Records.

JAPAN: World Chaos Productions, Weird Truth Productions, Battlelord Productions.

SINGAPORE: Pulverised Records.

INDONESIA: Ludah productions. 

CHINA and HONG KONG: Trinity Records HK.