Signs of Darkness stands for: MELODIC BLACK METAL and this since 1995. The lyrical concept is a rebellion against the human way of living these days.

In 1995 a demo was recorded "IN MORPHEUS ARMS" and contained 5 black metal tracks. It was the first assault against the flock and the followers of weakness. The demo "ODES TO OUR BRUMAL KINGDOM" was recorded in 1996. The keyboard parts and some guest screams were performed by 2 members of the band Infernal Beauty (RIP).

In 1998 3 songs were recorded: "The last shivering moon ... beyond the autumn leaves", "Stars in the nocturnal sky are like a thousand screams in the ruined rosegarden" and "Embraced by dreams". This 3-track tape was called "Solemn Tears". With these tape SIGNS OF DARKNESS cought the attention of a new Belgian record-label THE LSP-COMPANY and recorded their first full length album entiteld "BEYOND THE AUTUMN LEAVES".

With this album they ended the storyline of a great warrior who fought for respect, honour and pride. These albums where the foundation of a lyrical concept that still can be found in the songs up until now: rebellion against the human way of living these days!

In 2005 they signed a deal with TRINITY RECORDS HK (TRHK) and the second full length album "THE 17th FLOOR" was released worldwide. In 2007 the cooperation with TRHK ended.

In November 2007 a new album was recorded entitled "THE FALL OF AMEN". In april 2009 the search for a new label ended and a cooperation with Shiver records was signed. "THE FALL OF AMEN" was officialy released on the 10th of October 2009.

Soon after this release W. and R. leave the band. W. is replaced by JS (Natan/Nidhogg Ivaldir). T. is replaced by O. (Celebrant/Nidhogg Ivaldir).

A new EP entitled "APOSTATE" was recorded in July 2011 and released in August 2011.

We shared the stage with following bands: Rotting Christ, Natan, Saille, Aeternus, Cirrith Gorgor, Occult, Kathaarsys, Onheil, Melechesh ... 

Biography written by Joris Meeuwissen.

August 2011.